CPL Security

We are a British company with a worldwide client list specialising in providing the highest standard of personal protection and event security to clients working in the entertainment and corporate industries. 

Drawing on over 35 years collective experience in security sector we have brought together some of the most experienced and highly regarded security professionals to provide a truly unique and world class service. 

Our Security Services

We fully understand the key to our continual success lies with our team members who are highly committed and passionate about achieving good results. 

For over 10 years we have been entrusted to protect some of the most well respected artists, individuals and organisations and we believe the best reflection of our abilities comes from the comments of our valued clients and our continuing service to them. 

What our clients think...

img “"There's something great about this firm. They fully understand celebrities, venues, locations
and the public so we use them any time there's a mix of any of them. They'll never tell us what to do or how many men they must have to do the job simply to crank the hours up,instead they guide us where needed, offer wise advice if applicable and then get down and get the job done right with the minimum of fuss or overt visual presence. There are a few options in this specific line of work but really there's only one credible." - Tom Freud - Atom Events

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Our Clients Include:

George Michael
Paramount Pictures
Taylor Swift
19 Entertainment
Twentieth Century Fox
Annie Lennox
Warner Brothers
American Idol
Freud  Communications



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Telephone: 0207 5610101
E-mail: nicky@celeb-protect.com